No Slights to Greenville

Just so my Pirate fans won’t think I have any particular grudge against G-Vegas, I thought I’d let you guys know I don’t get out of the car so easily in the capital city either (e.g., at home, in garage, in car).
2014-11-04 16.24.52


Road Dog

Before today I traveled in total humiliation! Yes, that’s right–it is a laundry basket–at the well-meaning suggestion of concerned family who thought I was too much of a baby to ride in the car unrestrained. Look at me and Bear trapped like animals! Bear was totally distraught about situation, but I was determined to be free!


Today, I proved that I am truly the BigBoss! A Cowboy riding free! I went on a long, long road trip from Raleigh to Chapel Hill out the basket! If you look closely you can see I got Bear free too!