Doggie DayCare Treats

I must have these in my life (all natural so they are Dutchess-approved)!




Finicky Feaster


I eat what I like
And only what I like.
Everybody knows
That’s lamb and rice.
Didn’t mean to be rude,
But I don’t want gourmet food.
And Adult Stage Purina Pro?
Oh, no! That stuff’s a no-go!
I’m just a baby;
My bones still gotta to grow.

So my little food strike
Was a silent complain
That forced her out
In flooding rain
For yet one more
Dog food exchange.
Just keep it simple:
I don’t like change!

Chicken, salmon,
Venison and cow–
It’s just a waste of money
‘Cause I won’t eat it nohow.
I won’t eat a thing
til I get that puppy chow!


Wanna see me jump?
Wanna see me fetch?
Buy what I like.
And when that saucy scent I catch
Then and ony then
Will I stand back and stretch.


I’ll “dog” that puppy chow
‘Cause it’s the finest canine cuisine.
And I’ll be the happiest pup you ever have seen,
Licking both my chops and my sterling bowl clean.

*If you want to know how much I really love Purina Pro Lamb and Rice Puppy Formula see my post Ode to Purina Pro Puppy Chow