What’s up? I’m an bonafide pure breed AKC fully registered English bulldog, hailing from a line of five—count ’em—five champions. That’s right, five –in a three generation pedigree. When it comes to champions, let’s just say it’s in my blood. They call me Duke, and when I feel like it, I look in the direction of the human calling me. My full name is Sir Duke BigBoss Cowboy. What’s in a name? Absolutely everything! I might be a baby, but I am truly the Big Boss! If you don’t know me, you can call me Sir.

I gained ownership of a human named Dutchess on June 8, 2012. Duke and Dutchess, huh? Pretty clever, right? Yeah, well, I let her think she’s the owner–it’s just so much easier that way–for her, perception is reality, but we all know what’s up.

If you are reading this, your interest in me is already evident. Visit my blog on the regular to catch up on my antics and to watch me sleep. Give me a shout out every chance you get. Press the LIKE button as soon as you see it and FOLLOW me. Join the others who anticipate my every move. I live for the attention. I get plenty of it, but a little more never hurts. I keep something going until I can’t keep my eyes open, so keep up!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Duke you are the most awesome English Bulldog in the world. We plan on following you forever! We love your blog and all of your antics. Please post daily so that we can keep up with you!!

    • Welcome to my world, Erica–which is much smaller but just as awesome as the one you describe in your blog The One with Wanderlust. Bow Wow! What an exciting adventure you are on–capturing criminals and the world in film–NBC photo feature! Bow Wow! I think I’ll come along for the ride–at least virtually!

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