Human Public Service Announcement:

This is a picture of my friend. Well, I don’t know him, but I feel for him. It’s too hot to be parading us around in 93+ degree weather. The pavement burns our paws! You can’t see MooMoo’s red and blistered paws, but Dutchess told me about them.  He is pictured here nearly falling into that tepid bowl of water from heat exhaustion.  We know you want us with you, and believe me, we want to be with you too.  Because we don’t know any better–we will jump in that hot car, and we will wait for you.  We will walk with you through hot sand to the ends of the earth. But if you really loved us like you say you do, you wouldn’t want us to do any of that. You would leave us safe and cool at home. We will wait for your return. #loveuswell