Class Clown

This morning I played in the dirt but then I had to get cleaned up and smelling nice for puppy school.


I met Rosie, an English Bulldog, on the way to class. We definitely made a connection. She’s 3 years old. I’m 6 months.


In class we had to walk on a loose leash. We walked all around that store. That was easy. We also learned how to greet people. I loved that! I greeted everyone I met. By the time class was ending, I was dog tired. Sassy wanted to play, but I would have none of it.


My Leaf Expose’

Teacher’s Pet

After much talk and speculation about me and puppy school, I attended my first class today. Like everything else in this wonderful world, I love puppy school! Before class, I was just chilling. As you can see, I pretty much make myself at home in PetSmart. There are a ton of dogs in there on Saturday. I met this big guy. I can’t remember his name, but I think he’s Marmaduke’s first cousin.


Since I got to class early, I had some one-on-one time with my teacher. She said she was so lucky to have me in her class, and I didn’t hear her tell any of the other pups that, so I know I am her favorite!


There are only three of us in the class: Sassy, a little pug–and boy does that name fit her! She barked after every exercise, trying to show off! But I think eleven months is a little old to be just starting puppy school. And then there’s Moses, a yellow lab. I like Moses a lot, but he’s just a baby–barely 11 weeks old. He had trouble keeping up, paying attention, and doing what he was told. I was the only one who was age appropriate for skills being taught, and I mastered them all!


Puppy school is cool and e-a-s-y! You get a bunch of treats if you do what the teacher and Dutchess say. I caught on to that real quick! Here I am in class. I’ve already had my turn. Now I’m chilling, watching Moses, and hoping he catches on soon.