Doggy Park: What a Joke

I went to the doggy park today, and I don’t care if I ever go again. I’ve never seen anything so uncivilized in my all my doggone life! Dutchess thought the dogs in the big dog park were too big for me, but I’m telling you the dogs in the small dog park were too small–and too loud! This dog here is Homie. Dutchess called him L’il Homie, but I thought his name should have been Sir Barks Alot. Good grief! He can make your head hurt! He especially liked barking at me! I just ignored him.


Most of the dogs spent their time running along a fence chasing the big dogs on the other side. I would have none of it. I didn’t quite understand it. It seemed like an exercise in futility–all that running back and forth and going no where. Ridiculous, really. Maybe they all have ADHD.


The whole thing seemed so uncivilized. I couldn’t bear to watch those animals behaving like idiots. That’s why I spent my time with the people.


Actually, I think I prefer the company of people.


People are my favorite.


Yea, I love people. Where’s the people park?



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