The Collard Festival

Today I went to the Collard Festival in Ayden! There were tons of people there. I just love people, and dog do they love me! My fan base swelled today! Everybody just wanted to take me home! It was so busy and there was so much noise I didn’t know what to think! Chris, Aunt Brenda and I watched the parade together. We had the “coolest” (literally) spot of all–right on the front porch of Mimi’s store!

It was an dogsome parade. There was even a bulldog In the midst!

Later that afternoon when the crowd died down, I was able to enjoy some quality time with Kenni, Chris, and Mimi!

I was dog tired though. That was a lot of action for a pup like me. And even though everybody wanted to take me home, I am glad to be back at my own house for some good ole R&R! Good night, fans. See you next time.



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