Mimi’s Helper

Now I just love Mimi! She calls me her granddog and invites all the neighbors over to meet me. I help her do everything. I help her find stuff in the house. I help her when she is looking in her cabinets and closets. I help her when she is in the kitchen. I love to help her do things. Here I am helping her bring in the mail.


Are you sure we got all the mail? Maybe we should go back. You know I love to double check. I’m a great helper.


I’d love to help her with her shoes if she’d let me. She’s got great shoes!


Head in Hand

When people meet me, they all pretty much come to the same general conclusion: beyond believing I’m just about the cutest pup they’ve ever seen, everyone seems to think I’m spoiled absolutely rotten.

Dutchess, hold my head while I think about that one.


Cul-De-Sac King

Once again, Dutchess is trying to get me to go here…


But as you can see from my stance, I will have none of it!


She says I’m nosy, but that’s not it. Doesn’t she understand I pretty much own the cul-de-sac and, therefore, am compelled to watch it?