Rock Star

Just in case there was any doubt, it was confirmed today–I am a rock star! Today was vet day. I just love my vet. Where is the guy? I was on the lookout for him.


I know what room I normally go in, so I stand on guard for him to come for me.


While I wait, the techs and other pet owners make a real big deal of me! Everybody thinks I’m just the best dog in the world. They treat me like a rock star. They just love me!


When the doc comes, he says I look good and sound great. He said I had a beautiful coat. He said I’m so well-behaved, and Dutchess took the credit for that. I weigh 25 pounds! I got my final clearance today! I can go to the doggy park, PetSmart, and Dutchess says puppy school. What’s puppy school? The highlight of my visit was when we got a special invitation to go in the back and meet Amad, Dr. Fisher’s bulldog. He is beautiful. Such great hair! He’s 18 months and weighs 65 pounds! Doggone! He’s big!



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