My Favorite Things

I have a lot of friends and plenty of fans, and my world consists of an amazing cast of characters and props. Here are my top five, but my list is growing.

1. CG (Curious George): gone but never ever forgotten
2. Pink Sock: truly my number one
3. Rubber Chicken: for when I’m looking for just a casual chew
4. Bear: my road dog
5. Big Fake Bone Pillow Thing: always, always somewhere close by and such a comfort

Now meet Turkey. I think he just might make the list.


And if you think I forgot Brown Monkey, I didn’t. I don’t want to call that chimp a chump, but he just wasn’t tough enough to hang with the Big Boss. But don’t worry. I could never really hide my feelings for Brown Monkey. I love and miss him. We are going to fix him up like new just as soon as we locate that left arm.



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Duke, I was disappointed that I didn’t make the cut, but then I realized it was a favorite things list & not favorite people. Lol I would be in the top five, right?

  2. Duke! We are so glad you haven’t forgot Curious George! He misses you 🙂 He’s sending kisses your way!! 🙂

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