My TV Pillow

When Dutchess got a TV pillow, I would give her no peace. So she went back to wherever and got me one too!


Hooray! I love it!



Rock Star

Just in case there was any doubt, it was confirmed today–I am a rock star! Today was vet day. I just love my vet. Where is the guy? I was on the lookout for him.


I know what room I normally go in, so I stand on guard for him to come for me.


While I wait, the techs and other pet owners make a real big deal of me! Everybody thinks I’m just the best dog in the world. They treat me like a rock star. They just love me!


When the doc comes, he says I look good and sound great. He said I had a beautiful coat. He said I’m so well-behaved, and Dutchess took the credit for that. I weigh 25 pounds! I got my final clearance today! I can go to the doggy park, PetSmart, and Dutchess says puppy school. What’s puppy school? The highlight of my visit was when we got a special invitation to go in the back and meet Amad, Dr. Fisher’s bulldog. He is beautiful. Such great hair! He’s 18 months and weighs 65 pounds! Doggone! He’s big!


At Mimi and Poppi’s

Staying at Mimi and Poppi’s house was really cool. Their house has lots of rooms to explore and a big yard where I can roam and run free. Mimi is always on the move, and I do my best to keep up with her. Poppi keeps his closet door open so I can easily find all his stuff. I sneak into their bedroom to poke around and steal their socks–but they don’t mind. I spent a lot of time just chilling.


Yep, that’s me. Just chilling.


Now the only part that I don’t like about Mimi and Poppi’s house are those five steps I can’t get down. They slow me up because I have to wait for someone to come get me.