Dog Pounds

I weigh a whopping 15 pounds! I know I’m growing strong–I can feel it in me bones! Dr. Fisher says I look good! He says I’m healthy.

Today when we were leaving the vet, we saw a big old bulldog. He looked like a short fat hog and took his time walking in. He was real laid back. I was super excited to meet him! His name was Zeke, and I got to touch noses with him up close and personal. I didn’t get to take a picture with him because everyone was too caught up in the moment of little bulldog meeting big bulldog! And doggone, was he big! I’d like to know how many pounds he’s packing! Probably 80! He could have gobbled me up like I was a little bowl of lamb and rice. He wouldn’t though, and I wasn’t scared at all. I’m still the Big Boss, and Zeke is my big friend!

Below is a picture of me running right onto the doggie scale. I was so eager to know how big I’m getting I got on the scale before they even asked me to. I weigh 15 pounds–oh sorry, I already told you that!



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