Farewell for Now, My Friend

Last night we celebrated Dr. LJ Randolph’s appointment to UNCW and sent him off to his new experience with new memories, and I am one of them! Dr. LJ loved me the moment he saw me. I lavished him with so much love and attention, he just could not bear to leave me. He wanted to kidnap me. I’m telling you, it is hard not to love me!


I did chew on his hand just a little bit, but he didn’t mind!


We are super proud of Dr. LJ and wish him nothing but the best! Want to see what he’s going to be doing at UNCW?
Dr. Linwood John Randolph @ Univeristy of North Carolina-Wilmington


3 thoughts on “Farewell for Now, My Friend

  1. Duke it was certainly a pleasure meeting you in person yesterday. I enjoyed the attention that you lavished on my toes before you abandoned me for Dr. Randolph. Don’t worry, I understand. He is a pretty special guy!

  2. Duke, I must say that I am quite honored to be the topic of one of your blog posts! Hope to see you soon. I’ll be sure to wear laceless shoes. In the meantime, keep Dutchess in line! Haha.

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