Home Sweet Home Sick

I’ve spent the last four days with Kevi and the kids while Dutchess was in N’awlins talking to teachers. I don’t know if Dutchess enjoyed her trip, but I enjoyed mine! Now don’t get me wrong: I understand what Toto’s human meant when she said there was no place like home and I was beside myself when Dutchess came to get me–I love that girl and I absolutely love being home–but I must admit, I do miss those kids toady! Here’s a special bark out to you guys and your cool mom. Have dogsome time in New York! Chew on that Big Apple for me!



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Sick

  1. This has to be the most pitiful sad face I’ve ever seen. Duke, is this the face you give Dutchess when you’ve done something wrong?

    • This is a face I use a lot! It gets me plenty of sympathy. Actually, I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open, but as always a click of the camera’s shutter snapped me out of my reverie.

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