Ode to Purina Pro Puppy Chow

Lamb and Rice.
Lamb and Rice.
Love that stuff:
It tastes so nice.
Make a pie
And give me a slice.
Nothing beats
Lamb and Rice!

Lamb and Rice.
Lamb and Rice.
Love of my life,
And full of spice.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Morning, noon, and night.
What do you mean
Meals only come thrice?
Add an appetizer–
Even if it’s light,
‘Cause nothing beats
That Lamb and Rice!

The people at Purina
Are as good as gold.
I thank ’em every time
I see my bowl.
I just go crazy
And lose control!
And when I emerge
From that hole,
My entire face
Tastes so nice
‘Cause it’s covered in
Lamb and Rice!


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