Vet Love

So I had a vet visit today. What dog loves going to the vet? Well, I do! It just so dogsome! I’m always on my very best behavior. I get passed around and loved on by all the techs. They just love me and keeping saying how adorably cute I am. I eat that up like puppy chow! Even other people neglect their own dogs to love up on me! Being cute has its perks!

And then Dr. Fisher comes in! I love this guy! He’s the best vet in the business! He is owned by a champion bulldog, so he knows all about my breed. He loves up on me something fierce, and I shower him with a bunch of kisses in return. No one can resist me–not even the doc.

I got a clean bill of health. I had a quick pedicure and got a couple shots. I didn’t even whimper! I’m the Big Boss! I weigh a little over 9 pounds. I’m growing strong! The doc said so. Now the only part I don’t like is when Dr. Fisher tells Dutchess a bunch of stuff not to let me do. He tells her to be stern with me because I’m spoiled rotten, but I don’t worry. I know she won’t do it. I’ll just lay one of my adorable looks on her, her heart will melt, and I will get my way! I’m the Big Boss!


Me and My Vet


One thought on “Vet Love

  1. I am so glad that you love your vet and get lots of attention Duke! You are the most handsome bulldog in the world! We love you! Make sure you give lots of kisses to everyone and enjoy your lazy bulldog summer days!!

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