Vet Love

So I had a vet visit today. What dog loves going to the vet? Well, I do! It just so dogsome! I’m always on my very best behavior. I get passed around and loved on by all the techs. They just love me and keeping saying how adorably cute I am. I eat that up like puppy chow! Even other people neglect their own dogs to love up on me! Being cute has its perks!

And then Dr. Fisher comes in! I love this guy! He’s the best vet in the business! He is owned by a champion bulldog, so he knows all about my breed. He loves up on me something fierce, and I shower him with a bunch of kisses in return. No one can resist me–not even the doc.

I got a clean bill of health. I had a quick pedicure and got a couple shots. I didn’t even whimper! I’m the Big Boss! I weigh a little over 9 pounds. I’m growing strong! The doc said so. Now the only part I don’t like is when Dr. Fisher tells Dutchess a bunch of stuff not to let me do. He tells her to be stern with me because I’m spoiled rotten, but I don’t worry. I know she won’t do it. I’ll just lay one of my adorable looks on her, her heart will melt, and I will get my way! I’m the Big Boss!


Me and My Vet