Tube Time

What did you say this was?

I do watch the tube from time to time, but it’s got to be really good to catch my attention. The movie showing was True Legend. Now I didn’t think Dutchess went for that kind of Hung Kung Fuey–thought she was more of a Dogs 101 kinda girl– but she was so engrossed in it, she only half-heartedly rubbed my back. It was enough to lull me to sleep though. I woke up when the music filtered into my dream.  The intensity was signaling that the action had started, so I  jumped down off the couch and ran to the TV to see for myself what the ruckus was about. Fuey! It was nothing really. In my opinion that movie barely deserves the 2.5 bones the critics gave it.


Welcome to my blog…

All people do is ask about me, talk about me, and think about me, so I started this blog for all my fans who just have to know about me.  Don’t just watch me grow, check out my flow.  I love a good time, and my interests are quite diversified. Sometimes I do wheelies as you can plainly see.  Man, I clobber the board!   Now Dutchess has hooked me up with a full size Optimus Prime Limited Edition skateboard.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Rocking the baby Tech Deck.